Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

For this assignment, we had to use the four tiers of the RISE Model as a guide, and perform a peer review on a classmate’s mock interview. Below in my classmate’s video as well as my peer review.


I would like to start by commending you on a very well done mock interview. I LOVE the fact that you interacted with yourself. The banter was very engaging. The subtle undertone of your music bed kept the whole process upbeat and light. It all flowed nicely. It made me want to go back and revise my video to include those aspects.

I wondered, what it was you were trying to convey with the statement “I’m not a follow the rules kind of person”? The moment those words escaped your mouth I immediately honed in on them. If I were a prospective employer that would have been the moment red flags went up. By the time I got over the shock of your statement I had missed what you said after. Upon re-watching, I heard how it tied in with your following statement, but in a live interview, you will not have that chance. A company like iHeartMedia is above all else a corporation, and with that comes bureaucracy. Following the rules is non-negotiable because they have a lot of them.

Being creative is a wonderful trait and having the ability to think outside the box is pivotal in problem-solving. These are skills that highlight your personality. In an interview, you should always highlight your best qualities and achievements but never offer any negative information about yourself. Maybe you could find another way to make your statement without using words that might unintentionally automatically disqualify you. You may want to try saying something like:

I am a loyal and dedicated team player with a creative mind and a free spirit. I believe that I can make a difference in the world and I respond well to a laissez-faire type of leadership style.

Your on-camera personality really shines through. I think I may have mentioned that in an earlier review. I can tell that you are excited and passionate about your future and what you are capable of. Your ability to use your body language, inflections, and tone of voice also really help to create a fun and upbeat atmosphere for your interview. I hope that this assignment allowed for you to gain some insight on what others see when you are sitting across from them. Personally, I hate watching myself on camera but this assignment showed me things I needed to fix within myself such as too much movement or overly dramatic facial expressions. I don’t think you have those issues though 🙂 There were a few areas where I felt your answers seemed to run on. Perhaps this assignment can be insightful to you by showing where a good stopping place is.

It has been a pleasure to have another class with you. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and good luck in all that you do!


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