Week 3 Analysis: Company Questions

In this assignment, we had to come draft 5 questions that we would ask at the end of an interview. The purpose of this is for us to remember that the interview process is two-fold. Our questions should provide us with insight as to whether we should accept an offer if presented to us.

  1. What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face? 

    This question is important to me because it gives me direct insight to what I will be doing instead of just a broad overview of the job description. This question will provide me with an opportunity to read the body language and tone of the person who is interviewing me. If the person seems exasperated during their response I can ascertain how much value they place on the position.  As the interviewer reveals a more in-depth evaluation of the position, I can take that knowledge and decided if their challenges are something I feel I can accomplish.

  2. What are the most important things you’d like to see someone accomplish in the first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job?

    Asking this question helps me to gauge whether the job description will change. It also allows me to see if they feel the position is one of growth. Most of all it provides a blueprint on how to do my job effectively and what they expect to happen during the first 90 days. I can take that information and analyze it against my skill set and decide if their expectations are too much. This question also secretly tells me the answer to how up-tight or laid back the company is.

  3. How would you describe the company’s culture?

    This question allows me to find out how friendly the staff is and whether they are considered a “family” or if it is an “every man for himself” mentality. I work better in a warm and friendly environment, so the answer to this question will help me decide gauge if the pros like money and benefits are worth eating alone every day or having way too nosy coworkers.

  4. What is the single largest problem facing your staff and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?

    This question is another one that helps me to see how much they value the position I am interviewing for. It also provides me with an insight as to how they see me and whether they feel I am a correct fit. This question helps me to decide if I want to work at the company because as an alpha female I need to feel like I in a leadership role or involved with making positive change.

  5. Is there anything that concerns you about my background being a fit for this role?

    This question is very important to me because its answer gives me a sense of where I stand in the interview process. If their response is full of negatives then I will know that I shouldn’t patiently wait for them to hire me. This question is also a marketing ploy because if  I can get them to start associating my name with not having any concerns then I am subconsciously planted as a perfect candidate. If they have concerns then I can immediately address them.

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