Week 1 My Media Story Script

For this assignment, I have to create a rough draft of a script that explains my media story for a project due next week. Writing this out will help me in my pre-production process so I can assess what I want, what I have, and what assets I still need to create.

My Media Story

I grew up during a time where it was ok to play outdoors until the street lights came on. There were no cell phones, we carried around real books and had to do research at the library. I had an 8-track player and a radio in my room and would listen to music all night until I fell asleep. Then dream of all the awesome things I would do if I had a special super power She-Ra or at the very least a super powered holographic computer like Jem.  

As I got older, it seems my vivid imagination combined with my outgoing, and overly energetic personality regularly made me the center of attention. I was very involved in school and consistently held some sort of leadership role in every activity I pursued. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I was practical knew that I wasn’t destined to be the next Madonna. My family always told me that I would be good in law. But I wanted to do something entertaining. I wanted to create things. I knew I needed to find something where my analytical and creative sides could join forces and become some super power.

When the time came, I explored many options in government, radio, research, and television. All while the world was quite literally changing before my eyes. Kids stopped playing outside. Pay phones disappeared and if I mentioned the Dewey Decimal System to people they assumed I was talking about Donald Duck’s nephews.

This was when I decided that my first college degree in might be outdated and I enrolled in the Media Communications Degree Program at Full Sail University.

My studies at Full Sail taught me a lot. One being that I am a digital immigrant,but my children are digital natives. there is a term for people like me and that is Digital Immigrant. Besides that, though, I learned ways to finally create that super power I always knew I needed.

My passion for media, intuitiveness, and change agent nature combined with some serious strategic thinking and storytelling skills enables me to hone in and assess a client’s essence; helping to develop the brand’s voice. My analytical and attention to detail shines through with market research and development. Finding out who their target audience is and what they need and want. All of that culminates into finding the best way to engage with their audience so I can craft a story that effectively draws them in and retains them as customers.

This is my super power. Helping to build brands for my clients. Looking beyond the obvious and into the future. You could consider it a sort of x-ray vision. This is what I enjoy, and it is what I am best at.


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