Week 1 Practice: Branded Professional Touch Points

For this assignment, we were to update our professional touchpoints. This practice activity is to help us refresh our personal brand image to the public.

Business Card:



Professional Email:


Professional Email Signature:


My Bio:

I moved to Florida at a young age and have grown into the Southern hospitality lifestyle. I believe that everyone is honest and that no one is perfect. I value learning from life lessons and not making the same mistake twice. I consider myself a sponge because I am continually soaking up new information.I love to learn as well as teach.

I am passionate and dedicated to everything I take on and I love a new challenge. I’ve been called a muse and a life saver, but the most valued is being called a friend.

I’m a “glass is half full” type of person and can find the value in even the most taxing situations. I always give a 100% of myself and I never give up.

I am determined to make whatever endeavour I take on a success and my convictions make me an asset to any compony I work for.

Professional Voicemail:

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