Media Anthropology WK 2 Project

North Korea is one of the world’s most repressive countries. The state has total control over all information that comes in or out and the Kim dynasty denies basic rights and freedoms to their people. The masses live in fear every day. They are born into a society where manipulation and “brainwashing” are all that they know. In the Frontline documentary The Secret State of Korea, we learn of just how dire circumstances really are. The Korean people have lived under this political and emotional oppression for so long that they have become a “quiet” people. Most no longer smiling or living a happy existence. My assignment this week is to create a flyer based off of what I have learned from the documentary.





I created the front side of my flyer using the North Korean flag as the background. I have written the text “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” several times throughout the image using varying degrees of opacity. I chose to do this because of this neuromarketing studies on subliminal messaging. I then overlayed the iconic monkeys that represent the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” text. I brought the opacity down on the monkeys so you could still see the flag behind them. I enlarged the “speak no evil” monkey and placed him in the center. I did this because the Korean people live their lives in so much fear that they never speak out.

I placed a black bar on top of everything with the opacity brought down so you could still see all the images. I used this bar to hold a quote by Carmen De Monteflores. It says “oppression can only survive through silence”. I chose this quote in hopes that the Korean people would see the poster and understand that change can only happen if you speak up. The font I chose was deliberate because of it gives off a feeling of strength without being demanding. The name of the font is Union Gray. I thought this was fitting because the people of North Korea must gather together to push for change.

My color choices for the font and text bar were also very deliberate. I chose yellow for the text because color psychology tells us that the Korean culture views yellow as vitality. I placed the text over a black box because in the Korean culture black symbolizes existence. By placing the yellow text on the black box I am sending a subconscious message of life and a future in the people.


The backside of the flyer begins with a blue background with a yellow border. The Korean culture symbolizes the color blue as hope. I placed an oversized fist outlined in black to suggest that a sense of strength and power. I chose the font Future Time Splitters. This font is strong yet still edgy without being overbearing. The name of the font also seemed quite fitting. I then wrote a few inspirational lines in white because white symbolizes truth in the Korean culture. By placing these assets together I hope to instill a sense of power, strength and need.

The front of the flyer has a very gritty texture feel to it. By pairing the gritty texture with varying degrees of opacity in the overlays it allows for elements to stand out while giving off a very introspective feel. The back has a lot of negative space. I did this because the video tells us how very sheltered the North Korean people are. I chose not to overwhelm them with too many images. Instead, my focus was to use my understanding of neuroscience to motivate them.

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